Cloverdale Farm

A Conservation Community in Minnesota's St. Croix Valley

A Conservation Community in Minnesota’s St. Croix Valley

Arial view of Cloverdale Lake

Cloverdale Farm is a premier neighborhood located in Baytown Township, part of the St. Croix Valley near the historic town of Stillwater, Minnesota.

With 59 homes in the Cloverdale Farm Homeowners Association, the neighborhood is known for its stewardship of the land with the development and preservation of natural grasses and prairies.

The 250-acre site has a rich history, having previously been farmland and a successful race horse training facility. While the famous Cloverdale Barn collapsed in a 1958 tornado, other buildings from the early 1900s still exist in the neighborhood, renovated under the guardianship of current Cloverdale residents.

If you are interested in learning more about the neighborhood history, visit the history page.

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